Holistic Aromatherapy

More and more people are becoming aware of the therapeutic properties of plant essential oils. Their wonderful aromas alone can lift the spirits. Their natural healing properties, so essential to the plants that they derive from, may also be of benefit to us.

Nowadays we live with high levels of stress in our lives. Many of us have to commute, work long hours and look after families, leaving little time to take care of ourselves. Because we live with stress everyday, we are often unaware of the effect that it can have on our well being.

When your body is experiencing a stressful situation it uses vital resources to respond which it diverts away from other essential functions such as the digestive and immune systems. Once the situation has passed the body then restores the resources back to where they are needed.

When your body is coping with stress everyday it can become difficult for it to regain equilibrium. Deep relaxation can reverse the stress response, allowing your body to begin the process of restoring balance.

The impact of stress is different for everyone. Fatigue and general tiredness, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, reduced immunity, eczema and asthma, headaches, depression, sleep problems, muscular aches and pains are just a few of the symptoms that people experience.

Many people treat the isolated symptom without looking at the whole picture of their lives. Holistic practitioners believe that it is important to look at the whole person and to treat the underlying causes of any problem, as well as the symptoms.

Essential oils have a wide range of qualities, whether you want the deep relaxation afforded by jasmine or frankincense, or the restful focus of rosemary, the grounding of vetiver or the deep heat of ginger.

With over 50 oils to choose from there will be a blend that suits you perfectly. Enjoy finding out about essential oils and using them in your daily life.

I have had two years of training in the safe use of essential oils and have been in practice for 15 years. I hold a diploma in holistic aromatherapy from the prestigious Tisserand Institute in central London.

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